Sunday, February 15, 2009

San Diego & Chula Vista

After 2 days in Chula Vista we decided to stay there for a couple of months and that we might just end our trip south here.  The marina in Chula Vista is in a beautiful park setting with a lovely waterfront and RV park as part of the complex. California does know how to build beautiful marinas and parks and they spare no money in doing so but their marina fees reflect that. The only problem with this marina is that there is no shopping within easy walking distance so if we were going to stay here for any length of time we were going to need a car. 

San Diego bay has to  be one of the most regulated and controlled boating areas we have been at. Within the bay all anchorages are controlled by the San Diego harbor patrol and you must get a permit to do any anchoring. Much of the bay is developed with high rise resort hotels and marinas and while impressive it's kind of sterile and artificial, somewhat like a shopping mall where everything is designed and well organized.  The areas within the bay that are not marinas or tourist attractions are Navy facilities, lots and lots of Navy facilities. 

From our location at the south end of the bay you can see the hills of Tijuana Mexico about 5 miles south and because of the nearness of the boarder there are government helicopters in the air around the clock patrolling the boarder and the waters just off of the coast. It's hard to tell from a distance if the helicopters are Coast Guard, Border Patrol, DEA,  Navy, or a mix but they are in the air all the time. I know they need to keep a watch for illegals trying to get across the boarder but it's like the 'federales' are constantly watching over you, a little too Orwellian for me.

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