Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi Tech Rabbit Ears

Not really. We were in Marina Del Rey on election night and we wanted to watch the election returns on TV so we walked over to Radio Shack and bought a cheap set of rabbit ears on the chance that we could get an over the air channel. To our surprise it worked! When we got to San Diego we moved the rabbit ears to the top of the pilothouse and we were able to get the 4 network channels and a couple of local stations all for free. The reception is good, not great, but good enough to watch. 

The downside is we can not receive digital TV signals without a conversion box and in San Diego 3 of the network channels have converted to digital on February 17th. We could buy a conversion box for $40 but we're going to be in Mexico in 10 days so we'll just have to get by with NBC and PBS until then. 

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