Sunday, February 15, 2009

Being sick for January

The first night home from Ensenada I was up at 1 AM vomiting. I had a high fever, around 101° for 6 days. After the fever broke I started to get  chest and head congestion and a sore throat that kept me in bed for most of the next two weeks. It was 3 weeks before I had enough strength  to get up for more than 2 hours at a time and it was 4 weeks before I stopped coughing so much that I started sleeping in the main stateroom with Linda. In the third week Linda did insist that I go to a local clinic  where they gave me some anit-biotics and some spray for my throat that contained steroids. Neither med seemed to do much to improve my condition. I haven't been this sick for 20 years but I don't think it was caused by going to Ensenada. Somewhere I caught the flu bug and then a bad cold on top of that. I feel like I missed the entire month and Linda was such a sweetie taking care of me during that time. 

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