Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s the Journey–Heading North



We're heading around the south end of Baja tomorrow, Thursday May 31st, and starting the trip north up to Ensenada. The first leg will take us to los Muertos and then to los Frailles. From los Frailles we will leave at dawn and go around Cabo Falso to Mag Bay.

Distances -
La Paz to los Muertos - 58 NM, 10 hrs
Los Muertos to los Frailles - 48 NM, 8 hrs
Los Frailles to Mag Bay (Bahia Santa Maria) - 220 NM, 37 hrs

The weather forecast for the next 5 days is for lite winds under 10 kts from the NW with swells of 4-6 feet from the SW behind us so we should have a comfortable ride. We'll spend at least one night in Santa Maria and wait for good weather before we  continue from there.

We'll post position reports underway and update the blog at anchorages. Depending on weather we hope to be in Ensenada in 14 to 20 days.  We made this trip 2 years ago with one additional crew member and went non-stop in 7 days from La Paz. With just the two of us now we plan on stopping nightly so we are well rested and enjoy the journey. We have enough provisions to last at least a month so there is no rush.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tragic End to a Great White

A Great White Shark was accidentally killed in fishing nets off of Guaymas in the Sea of Cortes.


See article here.

Linda may never go swimming again.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back in the Barn

We're back in Marina de La Paz, a week early based on the plan but who looks at those things anyway.

The Spring weather pattern around La Paz has set in meaning frequent nigh time winds from the SW of 20+ kts. These winds are called Cormuels and blow from the Pacific side of Baja through the low plain that stretches from La Paz across Baja to the Pacific and makes most of the anchorages in La Paz Bay very windy and rolly every night. Most cruisers move quickly through this area to avoid the sleepless nights bouncing at anchor and we were no exception spending just one night in the area.  We have found one anchorage that offers protection and gives some hope of sleep on Isla Espiritu Santos in Ensenada Gallina at 24°27.038'N  110°22.327'W tucked up against the south shore. The mouth of the bay curls north on the southern end giving the south side of the bay near shore protection from the waves. The wind may howl but the wave won't reach you.

When we arrived at the marina there was a small mix up on our slip assignment and we had to spend the night at the fuel dock while they sorted it out. The next morning Neil and the marina staff shuffled some boats around and we were in a slip by 9 AM. Our thanks to Neil and the staff of the marina for going the extra mile to get us in.

Those Cormuel winds that are such a nuisance out on anchor are welcomed by the boats tied up in the marinas as they bring a cool overnight breeze and relief from the daytime temperatures of near 100°.

discovery 1-002

The photo above was taken by Ron on Aegean Odyssey in the north lobe of Agua Verde. It was good to see Karen and Ron again after nearly a year. Once back in La Paz we had dinner with Karen & Ron and Jennifer & Dean of Emily B, all friends that we haven't seen for awhile.