Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas to all and be careful out there.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas in La Paz


We'll be spending Christmas in La Paz after going to Puerto Escondido for Thanksgiving. We spent 2 weeks in November out in the islands leaving the dock for the first time in nearly six months. It was great to get out and start using the boat as it was meant to be used rather than as a dock queen in the marina. The boat takes on a different personality while out cruising. In the marina it's a comfortable home with all of the luxuries of a waterfront condo. Out cruising it becomes a ship that keeps us safe and secure while cruising. Out on the water we focus on keeping the boat safe, monitoring the weather and planning passages. It's a more interesting life on the water, more stimulating and challenging than living at the dock. We've been living in La Paz since July and we're anxious to get moving again although our current plan is to stay here until May.

Christmas day Linda is going to cook a turkey breast and apple pie (yum!) and  Jim and Diane off the trawler Adirondack are going to join us for dinner. We first met Jim and Diane July 2007 at Meyers Chuck north of Ketchikan Alaska nearly 3500 miles from here. It is a small world.

Thanksgiving Trip

Thanksgiving trip to the islands.