Monday, April 21, 2008

Location: Campbell River, British Columbia
Lat/Lon: 49°48.466'N, 124°57.730'W
Weather: 10° C, Low -2° C, Winds S 15 kts

We had a 'lumpy' and long trip from Nanaimo to Campbell River yesterday. It was 70 NM and 11 hours with 4'-6' seas for the first 4 hours. Thankfully the seas calmed down later in the day and the last part of the trip was very enjoyable. A warning to other boaters in this area, if you hear the phrase 'low swell' in the forecast that means that you will have 4'+ waves, steep sided and not what I consider swells.

Tuesday we're heading north through Seymour Narrows and up Discovery Channel. The slack at Seymour Narrows is at 6:43 AM so we will cast off the lines at 5:15 AM to make the narrows on time. We will not have internet connection for a few weeks so postings will be limited to SailMail text emails for awhile.

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