Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to leave

It's April 12, 2008 and Linda's daughter, Sue, just drove off in our car which we had given to her son. In the previous week we had finished provisioning the boat, packed all unneeded items into the storeroom, closed our local bank account, and said goodbye to Anacortes, WA. Our lease on our slip ended in 3 days but there was nothing holding here, we had nothing left to do but leave. After nearly 2 years of shedding most of our land based possessions all we owned was contained on our boat or small store room and it was time to start on another adventure. The plan now was to travel to SE Alaska and then return to the Anacortes area in August and head south to Mexico. With luck we'll be in La Paz for Thanksgiving. After that will be a few years travelling in Mexico, Central America and maybe the Caribbean. We plan to continue as long as were having fun and the money lasts.

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