Monday, June 10, 2013

Settling into Mazatlan

Morning in Paradise

Another morning in paradise.

We made it back to Mazatlan and have started to settle in for the summer. We’re looking forward to the 5 months of heat and tied to a dock, well, not really. We both enjoy being on anchor rather than in a marina but during the hurricane season, and the summer heat, you need to be in a marina for the protection and electricity so you can run the a/c. At least we have our car so we can explore the city and area and get to the grocery store without having to walk a great distance.

While were here we will get some projects done and order some items that we can pick up in Tucson. There are skilled workman here so we can get help with some of the larger projects and things we just can't manage on our own. We'll try to post some pictures as we go along.

Marina life seems to stifle the adventure of boating. You get to work on the boat without the pleasure of using the boat.

One feature of marina life is we now have internet via WiFi, it's a slow but functional connection. The downside of being on the internet is that you're exposed to all the sad and depressing stories of what is going on in the world. Life in the US seems to be a drag and we're glad we're here and not struggling up north. We watched an episode of Saturday Night Live the other night and didn't get most of the jokes. It just didn't make any sense to us and we realized just how out of touch we are with contemporary life in the US. It just reinforces to us how lucky we are to be doing what we're doing.

Here’s where we went during the last 6 months,

Arrival Date Place Lat/Lon Location
1/23/13 Marina Mazatlan 23.270617 N 106.454600 W
2/25/13 Punta de Mita 20.764783 N 105.515417 W
2/26/13 Marina Vallarta
3/6/13 Punta de Mita 20.760133 N 105.521433 W
3/7/13 Chamela 19.582583 N 105.130950 W
3/12/13 Tenacatita 19.302400 N 104.835550 W
3/17/13 Barra de Navidad - Lagoon 19°11.462'N  104°40.362'W
3/19/13 Barra de Navidad - Marina 19.195200 N 104.682017 W
3/22/13 Ensenada Carrizal 19.096400 N 104.437700 W
3/25/13 Santiago Bay 19.108967 N 104.393967 W
3/29/13 las Hadas 19.102400 N 104.343600 W
3/30/13 Santiago 19.109683 N 104.395183 W
3/31/13 Tenacatita 19.299217 N 104.837783 W
4/6/13 Barra de Navidad - Marina 19.195200 N 104.682017 W
4/18/13 Tenacatita 19.298417 N 104.838117 W


19°28.342'N  105°03.639'W
4/25/13 La Cruz – Anchorage 20°44.891'N  105°22.136'W
4/26/13 La Cruz - Marina 20°44.920'N  105°22.690'W
5/10/13 Punta de Mita 20.764733 N 105.520400 W
5/11/13 San Blas - Matanchen Bay 21.517183 N 105.241800 W
5/13/13 Stone Island - Mazatlan 23°10.910'N  106°24.545'W
5/14/13 Marina Mazatlan 23.270650 N 106.454833 W

Morning Commute

The morning commute in Bara de Navidad lagoon.

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