Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some Pictures from Baja


Enrique's boat dock in Turtle Bay

This is Enrique’s dock in Turtle Bay. Zoom in and you can see the stairs leading from the pier deck to the float below.


Friends at night - Turtle Bay

Look carefully and you can see 3 of many pelicans that would congregate around our boat at night in Turtle Bay. The light from our interior lights in the evening would attract fish that in turn would attract pelicans.


MX Navy anchored next to us - Punta Belcher Mag Bay 

Mexican navy ship that anchored near us in Mag Bay and in Turtle Bay. In TB the zodiac on the bow was lowered into the water and went around with crew to inspect all the cruiser’s papers, including ours. They were very nice guys.

Sea Turtle

We came across dozens of sea turtles south of Mag Bay. The water was very calm so they were easy to see.

Turtles south of Mag Bay

For a little perspective, this is what they look like from a hundred feet away. It’s amazing what the eye can pick out.

Big Whale

This big grey was less than a hundred feet from the boat. No missing him.

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