Monday, January 7, 2013

Bahia Tortuga - Turtle Bay

Location: 27°41.10'N, 114°53.40'W

At anchor in Turtle Bay.

We had a good trip down to Turtle Bay. For the first two days the seas were gentle with long period swells from behind us and then turned lumpy near the north end of Cedros Island making the ride uncomfortable for 6 hours. Once we got around the east side of the island we were protected from the chop. In Dewey Canal at Punta Eugenia we ran into a field of lobster pot floats that the local fisherman had laid out. We had to stop twice to free pots from the paravane fish. We got into Turtle Bay in mid afternoon very tired from the trip. We are out of practice and the seas wore us out. That night we both slept soundly for nearly 12 hours.

The boat performed well as usual but there were a few items that will need fixing. A boat is constantly deteriorating and after 7 months of sitting in a marina there are always things that stop working for some mysterious reason. The hailer loudspeaker in the front of the boat doesn't work (died from old age it seems), there are couple of dash lights out, the AIS transponder stopped talking to the PC while underway (works fine sitting still), a switch on the paravane control that raises and lowers the fish doesn't work, and a few other minor issues. Nothing that impaired the basic systems or safety of the boat , just trivial stuff that we started working on once we got some rest.

The winter weather pattern continues. It looks like it's going to blow again Fri-Sat so we'll stay here until it settles. We could leave here Tues in fair weather but we can't get anywhere well protected before Friday so here we'll sit. We need a good 4 days to get to Bahia Santa Maria (see 'the plan' in previous post). What are we doing out here this time of year? Was Ensenada bad enough to chase us out here? It seems so. Turtle Bay is a well protected anchorage with a small village that we can walk around in so it's not too bad. It's good to be out of the marina and back on the water cruising. We don't have a schedule, no place to be and no hurry to get there.

Life is good.

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