Monday, December 31, 2012

Six Years On the Boat and Still Afloat

The last six years on the boat have been great for us. In 2006 we sold our house and sold, gave away and then stored what remained of our stuff and moved onto our boat which at the time was a 44 Defever. In the Fall of that year we fell in love with and purchased a 46 Nordhavn then moved aboard and put the Defever up for sale. Six years later we're still living on our Nordhavn, Discovery, and have cruised twice to Alaska and down the coast to Mexico where we've been for 4 years. Life has been good to us for a lot of reason.

  • In Mexico everyday has a touch of adventure to it. Just going to the grocery store can be an adventure.
  • Life can be so unexpected. When we started this we had no idea we would end up here in six years and we have no idea where we will be 2, 4, or 6 years from now.
  • We survived the worst economy and market crash since the great depression and we still have enough money to keep going. Not sure exactly how we did that but we're glad we did.
  • We enjoy the warm weather of Mexico and there is nothing more fun than jumping off the back of the boat into warm water and swimming around a quiet anchorage. We have lived most of the last 4 years in t-shirt, shorts, and sandals.
  • Riding a bus around a Mexican city is the best entertainment available.
  • Our boat has become a very comfortable home. We have not wanted for bigger or newer. It fits us perfectly.
  • After spending 6 years together in a small boat in calm and rough seas we're still talking to each other and still very much in love.
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