Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pizza, Pizza


Up in the States, Linda found a magazine titled 'Pizza on a Grill' that had articles about cooking pizza on a BBQ. When we had a house, with a real oven, we used to cook pizza from scratch every week yet despite all our effort we have not been unable to cook a good pizza in our convection oven on the boat. The heat in our boat oven will not cook the dough evenly on the bottom, the dough is done on the top well before it's even close on the bottom. So being pizza crazy, Linda makes the dough from scratch in a bread making machine and the marinara sauce from scratch also, we jumped on trying the BBQ the recipe. And guess what, it worked the first time! Great pizza on the BBQ. Life is good, rather GREAT again. Now to get some Italian sausage and black olives.

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