Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plans to Move on and Carnival

It's time to move on. Life in La Paz has been wonderful but we're happier when we're moving around a little. March will be our last month here.

Next month we'll take the boat north into the sea for 6 weeks and then return to La Paz for a quick stop before heading around and up the outside of Baja to Ensenada where we'll spend next summer. We may not get back to the Sea again and we want to spend some time at some of the beautiful anchorages before we leave.  2 years ago we went back to Ensenada for the summer and had a cool but nice time and got a lot of boat projects done with San Diego just a couple hours drive.

Carnival was in February and we had a great time going to the parade on two nights and once just to the carnival.  The Mexicans sure do enjoy their festivals and they know how to have fun with the whole family. It seemed that the entire town was lining the parade route and half of the people were kids under 15 years old.
Here's some pictures.
Carnival 1
Carnival 2
Carnival 3
Carnival 4
Carnival 5
Carnival 6
Carnival 7

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Doug and Carla Scott said...

We understand - time to get moving again. Hope you enjoy your time in the Sea before heading north!