Friday, December 11, 2009

Stuck in La Paz ?

That's like saying 'your stuck in paradise and can't get out'. We love La Paz but our plan was to only stay 2 or 3 weeks and then head across to Mazatlan but the weather gods are having a fit up north and that's throwing some wind down our way so we're 'stuck' here for probably another week. oh well.

We bought some fuel yesterday in the marina. It was delivered on a truck to our slip with the aid of a long hose. You tell them how much you want then pay them up front and they take their truck over to the local Pemex station and fill up a tank on the back of the truck and bring it down the dock. The price is a little lower than the local fuel dock but it was the convenience of having it delivered that we liked.

Our POS VacuFlush toilet in the aft head broke, again. This time it was the shaft that connects to the foot peddle and the flushing valve that makes the toilet actually flush that broke. Sheared shaft means no flushing. No flushing means... well, bad things. It was a miracle that the local marine chandlery, Lopez Marine, had this part in stock and at a reasonable price. The two VacuFlush heads on our boat require constant maintenance because they are extremely complex designs and for a cruising boat you want simplicity so things don't break and when they do you can easily repair them. VacuFlush heads are neither simple nor easy to fix. Last summer we almost replaced them but then decided not to, we may regret not doing so.

We went to the local market, the Bravo Market, to get some fish and pork chops. It's kind of like the Pike Place market in Seattle but smaller and with no health inspectors. It's actually very clean and well run and a great place to get fresh meats and produce.

We uploaded some new pics to our Picasa web album. Look in the 'Sea of Cortes - Fall 09' folder here -

Reading the news from the States make us glad to be here and not there. Between snow storms, escalating wars, watered down health care reform that only benefits the insurance companies (why does the government have unlimited money for wars and bailouts but nothing for health care?), and Tiger (who cares!) Woods, we'll take life in Mexico any day.

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