Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surviving Jimena

We had a little 'tropical storm' come through here named Jimena. It was the remains of the hurricane of the same name and the winds blew over 60 mph for 2 days and it rained over 30" at the same time. The winds did some damage to the area but the rain was devastating. The boats in the marinas, including ours, did not suffer any major damage other than rain intrusion and the subsequent damage to carpets and wood work. There were 12 anchored or moored boats that broke free and ended up on the beach but there was no injuries to people on boats. San Carlos and Guaymas lost electricity for 3 days and water for 6 and there was extensive damage to roads and buildings from the rain. In some places the rain collected in to raging rivers and washed away sections of roads and bridges and washed mud, rocks, and debris into houses.

The Mexican government and agencies deserve praise for their quick and effective response to the storm damage. They were prepared prior to the storm and as soon as it passed there were crews out everywhere starting the clean up and repair. They actually announced there would be 'no Katrina' in Mexico. It's great that the US has become an example of what not to do.

Here's some pic's from around the area.

This is one of the boats that ended up on the beach. If you look to the left above the power post you can see a white object in the water. It's the upside down hull of a sunken boat.

This is the main road into and out of San Carlos. Within a day there was a detour route created.

This is the main road from Marina Real to San Carlos, it was not passable until a day after the storm.

We tied our boat to a chain around the dock pilling because we were not sure the dock would survive. We were lucky, our dock survived but others did not.

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Doug and Carla Scott said...

I am so glad to see Discovery floating and hear that you two are safe. We have been looking at lots of photos, but I know they only show a small percentage of the destruction. I hope this is the only major storm that Discovery (and Moondance) has to survive.

Looking forward to seeing you two up in the Sea and hearing your stories.

When do you plan on leaving Marina Real?